How To Scan With Canon PIXMA Printer

How To Scan With Canon PIXMA Printer – Can be done with a scanner tool from Canon Pixma Product or you can scan a document with a printer scanner. How to? In a moment we will various tutorials how to scan documents using Canon PIXMA printer. This time we will learn how to scan documents using Canon PIXMA printer. Are you ready? Wait a minute, first read a quick explanation about the purpose of people scanning documents.

How To Scan With Canon PIXMA Printer

The following are some of the purposes why documents or files need to be scanned:

  1. First usually because of the need of sending files in a fast time
  2. For documentation, to avoid damage.
  3. Create a digital file for a specific purpose.

Initially, the scan tool only specializes in document scans only. But along with the development of technological development brings us to the ease of the all sophisticated. The printer that we know works for printing. Now change to a multi-function engine. The printer can be used for copying, scanning documents, and even for faxing.

How To Scan Documents With Canon PIXMA:

  • First, you have to do is prepare a Canon PIXMA printer that can perform scanning.
  • Prepare a computer or laptop that has been installed drivers for Canon PIXMA Printer.

Here’s how to complete Document Scan With Canon PIXMA Printer:

  1. Connect the printer cable to the computer using USB Cable.
  2. Turn on the printer by pressing the ON button
  3. Turn on your computer.
  4. Prepare the document you will scan.
  5. Open the cover of your Canon PIXMA Scanner and place the document facing down.
  6. Then close the Canon PIXMA Scanner lid.
  7. After that look in your computer and run the program “windows fax and scan”. Open in all programs, This is the default program from windows
  8. Once you get the fax and scan window on your computer.
  9. Click “New Scan” in the upper right corner. After that will appear scan settings window
  10. For “profile” and “source” you leave it alone. For the format, you can customize to your needs. While the file type just selects JPG. The resolution you select 300 let me clear the picture.
  11. Before you click Scan. You should see preview it first by click “preview”.
  12. From here we can see the results and can also set the output file.
  13. Uncheck the contacts that read “Preview or scan image as separate files” so that you can set the page that we will scan it to be scanned.
  14. Please click “Scan” to begin the process of scanning documents
  15. Wait until the scan is complete
  16. Files will be automatically stored in the “Scanned Documents” folder on your computer. You can find it in the directory “My Document”

Your scanned file will be in JPG or PNG format. Files are stored in the default windows-specific folder. You can search for my document. That’s How To Scan With Canon PIXMA. It turns out very easy and practical You can scan any document you need with Canon PIXMA printer.

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